Monday, June 28, 2010

SOTF-Wenatchee Washington

Apron made from a pair of cast off jeans! how fun! Cowgirl Up! lol!
Even the Gnomes wanted to join in the fun with "Sisters on the Fly"

There were about 69 cute trailers this year.
(left to right) Me, Myself & I, Kelly, Toni & Mig smile for the camera as we get ready to caravan over to Wenatchee, Washington for the 5th annual Sisters on the Fly "Northwest Gathering".
Potty Break time..., finding a spot where you can park 4 trailers to make a mad dash to a bathroom is always an interesting quest! lol!
I was the 'lead dog' and Kelly was the 'tail gunner' and yes I did manage to get us lost, well actually not really lost, as it turned out we where on the wrong side of the freeway from the campground! Next time I will practice on my "left & right" skills! lol! My "Scotty with a potty" and Mig's lil Shasta.
Margaret making Margaritas... YUM!
Ah! back in the Saddle Again....
Group shot of a bunch of Happy Cowgirls! I am the 2nd one in on the right can tell it's me 'cuz I am grinning from ear to ear!.
These are just a few fun pictures of our recent Sisters on the Fly outing!
Oh what fun meeting up with old and new friends...I especially enjoyed meeting up with some of my former "Ventura Sisters" who brought me a little California sunshine .
Next years event will be in Idaho...and I plan to GO!
Happy Trails!
Sisters on the Fly NW Camping Outing in Washington with vintage travel trailers 2010
How cool is this! my 'trailer-trailer'sign, my sunflowers, my boot purses & my "psycho-path" sign are in the video! : > )
What a great group of ladies...I mean...'Sisters" and the best part is the amount ($6.000.00) that was raised by the group, for Women's cancer-'Casting for Recovery'. A great retreat for women who are/have been through cancer.


  1. Looks like you all had a BLAST! What a good reason to get together, two of my co-workers have recently done battle with Cancer, every bit helps to find a cure!
    As usual the Glampers are tooooo cute!

  2. Great blog and great pics, Grace. I wish I could have spent more time with you at the event. Too many Sisters and so little time, LOL. :-)

    Cyndy #841

  3. girlie, i bought the book *my cool caravan* in May b/c i'm smitten by these lil camper beauties.

    i'm not a camper-type gal, but i'd adore fixing one of these retro campers up and plunk it in my back yard....yay!!!!

    looks like ya'll had a great time. heart your cast off jean apron too. :)