Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Step more!
Ok, so my friends accuse me of having a case of the Envy's!

I guess it's true,,,I suffer from Truck Envy, Barn Envy, Horse Envy, Vintage Trailer Envy and Step Envy....
On a recent Glamping trip in Prosser, WA. my gal pal, Heather had this really cool trailer step to make stepping into her trailer easier....I WANT ONE! I NEED ONE!....I thought about stealing hers but it was painted red and would be hard to hide! lol!
So after much whining,(me) her darling hubby made one for me....SCORE!
Now I can scratch 'Step Envy' off my Envy List...
But then I got to thinking, I need to customize my step in case some other Trailer Diva wants to steal mine....& here is the end result.....
Gotta luv a good case of the Envys! lol!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how cute it that? And it has you SOTF # on it! You are good to go! I suppose I will have to envy yours for awhile as it may never stop raining long enough for me to finish Trailer Trash! :)