Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 22nd. 2009

Hmmm, there is a trailer there,,,isn't there?????
Major wood rot.

Trailer skins waiting to be cleaned up & put back on.

Definitely not for the faint of heart!!!!
Well as you can see, progress has been made on the de-construction of GVR....
Gary is going to have to do some bracing of the trailer walls next before he can go any further.
It is amazing but not surprising how much wood rot there is, but considering it's age and most likely having been stored outside with out any protection from the elements, It's a wonder that any of these little "mobile abodes" still stand.
I have been so obsessed with these cuties that I find myself driving around the farmlands & alleyways out here, in search of another. Actually I have seen several parked off the sides of old barns....I am thinking of snagging a girlfriend, Heather, who also is on a quest for "her own perfect little trailer", and go leave notes on the mailboxes at the places where I have seen vintage trailers parked. Who knows, we just might get lucky & find a lil' sister for GVR and a trailer for Heather. Keeping our fingers & eyes crossed....
Remember, "Show No Fear"...

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