Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18th, 2009

Knot hole on door frame...explains why door wouldn't lock properly.
Fire damage on wall and floor. The wires were scorched too!
Gary has been busy!
Gary taking off the metal siding to repair damage.

OK, rule #1...Girls, do not leave your husbands unattended with your trailers in the Man Cave or else this is what could happen to your trailer! lol!
Oh well, as we say..."Show No Fear!".
We found evidence of fire damage as well as a lot more wood rot then we expected....but everything is Gracie~girl is going to get one heck of a "plastic Surgery"....but when all is said & done, she will look beautiful.
Here are a few more pictures from today's foray in the Man cave.....
We discovered some shoddy workmanship on the trailer...I am beginning to wonder if my trailer was built on a Friday afternoon around 3;! Times have not changed much....some people do/did not take pride in their workmanship.
Well, I can hardly wait to see what my dear husband will do next...."Show No Fear!".


  1. Oh, my word!!!! This man scares me!! lol He is more than through....wait a minute, where are all the pieces?, they were here when I took it apart... This will be a super beauty when he get her done. He is drawing out his chance to have fun, lol. You may have to find him another project, like a greenhouse. Incentive to get done on time. :D Love that he is doing everything right. Karen

  2. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your site! I'm new to SOTF #1129 and have not got a trailer yet. I'll be watching your progress for info when the time comes to revamp one for myself. Keep up with all the great photos and info!