Saturday, May 2, 2020

Le Chat... has escaped!

Well,,, Le Chat, has escaped from the barn,,,,
and is now out playing in the field with the Flamingo Palace...
 Le Chat was sooo happy to have her Solarlier hanging to catch some sunshine..
 and as always,,, got the Camp Sign up!
 hadn't  put much decorations out yet,,
which was a good thing, because a short while later we got some strong gusts of winds,, and things went everywhere.. '(that was yesterday)..
Then today,, we had to put all the stuff away because a thunder/rain storm was rolling in... we got a good round of lightening, thunder, rains and winds,,, thank goodness it only lasted for about 30minutes.
Tomorrow I will put everything back out.. and then maybe decorate a bit more..
At least the girls are outside frolicking in the pasture...
It is great to have a 14acre yard to play in!...

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